The ABC's of Happy Hearts

The ABC's Of Happy Hearts Handbook

 Absence    We understand that absences are unavoidable due to illness and vacations.  We do ask that your child attend as much as possible.  If your child attends as a VPK student you must contact the office after three consecutive absences and fill out a VPK Extended absence form. Due to DCF standards, Happy Hearts must make contact with a parent or guardian if a child is absent within the first hour of the child not being present for school. If your child is sick or your child is planning on missing a day, or coming in an hour late, please make sure to contact the teacher via email, class dojo or call our office at (352) 622-7636.  If we are unaware that your child is going to be absent, we are required to contact you or a listed contact person. 
Arrival    Children must be supervised while on campus before and after school.  We ask that children are not climbing stairs or upstairs without an adult for safety reasons.  Happy Hearts is a no smoking zone.  There is no smoking permitted on our campus.  The doors to all classrooms will open at 8:30.  Our Redbird Classroom will open at 8:00.  We ask that you please wait outside classroom doors until the teachers open their doors, and at that time you can give your kisses and hugs and say your good-byes to your children outside the door.  Please make sure children have gone to the restroom before sending them to class.  

Admissions Policy    Happy Hearts Kindergarten, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Happy Hearts Kindergarten, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration  of its educational policies, admissions policies, and other school administered programs.


Bags    It is a Happy Hearts tradition for your child to receive a Happy Hearts tote bag. The bag correlates to the color of their “bird” class.

Birthdays    Birthdays are very special to us!  We want them to be as meaningful for your child as possible at Happy Hearts.  We will celebrate your child’s birthday in assembly on, or close to their actual birthday.  You and your family are encourage to attend.  If your child has a birthday in the summer, we will celebrate their birthday at the ½ month.  In the classroom, your child will be the snack leader that day.  Please feel free to send special treats for the class, (cake, cupcakes, etc.)

Box Tops    Since 1996, the Box Tops for Education program has helped schools across America earn cash for the things they need. Support your school today and see what a difference you can make! And don’t forget about Labels for Education… From soup, cereal and snacks to dairy products, beverages and food storage – your kitchen’s probably full of eligible Labels for Education® items. Get clipping and start earning free stuff for your school!

Calendar    Your child’s teacher will give you a calendar each month.  You will be able to see the focus of the class for the month as well as special events.

Conferences    Happy Hearts evaluates students at the beginning and end of the school year.  Evaluations will be scheduled, if requested, for discussion with your child’s teacher.  If you, at any time, need to have a conference with your child’s teacher, please let her know and we will arrange a convenient time to meet.

Dedication    Our Happy Hearts staff is dedicated to providing your child with a quality education.

Discipline  Methods of Discipline Practices will NOT include the use of spanking or other forms of physical punishment, nor shall they be associated with food, rest, and/or toileting.  Discipline methods permitted are age appropriate and constructive.  

Dismissal    Happy Hearts dismisses at 12:00 for all students.  Pickup is at classrooms.  If you arrive after 12:05, you are considered late.  If this happens, you must call the school.  A fee of $5.00 for every five minutes that you are late will be assessed on the third late pickup, and every late pickup thereafter.  Please see Late Policy below for more information.  

E-Mail    The best way to communicate with your child’s teacher is through e-mail.  The e-mail address for the school is:

Emergency Closing    In the event of a hurricane or other emergency, Happy Hearts will follow the Marion County School System’s plan for closing.  You will be notified through e-mail or by your child’s teacher when we will reopen.

Field Trips    When field trips are planned, we will need your assistance in driving and chaperoning children. Parents are responsible for the supervision of your child on field trips.   All students will either depart from school with a parent or meet at designated sight.

Fire Drills    Fire drills are held on a monthly basis. All students will participate.  We will practice and become familiar with procedures before our first scheduled drill.  We use 2 different evacuation plans.  Our grass parking lot is one of our routes as well as the parking lot near the playground.  

Fundraising    Happy Hearts relies on our yearly fundraising to purchase supplies for our teachers and students, to help keep our campus beautiful and to provide extra curricular activities.

Glorify God    Here at Happy Hearts Preschool, we strive to Glorify God in all that we do and teach.  Christ-centered character qualities are modeled through the love of our staff and the responses given to the children in our care every day.

Health    We are a nut free school.  For the safety of all students, do not bring nut food products to school.  If your child has any allergies, you need to speak to the Director and make special arrangements to keep your child safe.

Healthy Bodies    This is a program designed for children to enjoy the basics of being physically fit and healthy.  Students will participate in fun physical activities which promote healthy bodies and minds.

Illness    The question of when to keep your child at home from school is a difficult one, especially when decisions must be made early in the morning.  It is important however, to keep your child home if they are ill.  This helps to make them more comfortable and prevents others from becoming ill.  Students with fever, congestion, cough and/or green, “yucky nose”, please keep them home.  They need to be fever free WITHOUT medicine for 24 hours.  If your child has a stomach bug, we ask that your child not have had any incidences of diarrhea or vomit for 24 hours before sending them to school.

Jesus Loves Me    Happy Hearts is a non-denominational preschool.  We want our preschoolers to take a first look at who God is and understand that, God Made Me, God Loves Me, and that Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever.  We hold chapel every Wednesday is the Sanctuary.

Kindness    Students in our school are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class as well as others with kindness and respect. Acceptable behavior is encouraged by giving positive verbal rewards.  Asking a child to stop and think about their unpleasant behavior enables a child to work at self-control.    Constant interruption  of learning will not be permitted.

Late Policy   If you are 5 minutes past the scheduled pickup time, you must call the school.  A fee of $5.00 for every 5 minutes that you are late will be assessed on the third late pickup, and every late pickup thereafter.  This policy applies to Early Release days, 12:00 normal dismissal as well as 1:30 Enrichment Club dismissal.  

Library    Students will go to the library every other week.  Each teacher has their own system for returning the books.  Please help your child follow these procedures.

Literacy/Phonics    All students at Happy Hearts are learning phonics and literacy through many forms.  Thematic approach is used as well as ABeka Curriculum and Handwriting without Tears used in K3.  Your child’s teacher will inform you what your child will be using.

Lockdown Drill-  Happy Hearts will practice a lockdown drill during the school year.  In the event that the school does go on Code, we will let our parents know.  In the event that we do go on a "Code Red"  we will not be able to dismiss children until it becomes safe.  During a "Code Red" lockdown, children are taught to be very quiet, all doors are deadbolted and lights are turned off.  Your child's teacher will designate a "safe" place for them to be .  

Math    The Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum provides students with mathematical experiences that help them develop number sense and a positive attitude towards mathematics that will continue through their school career and their lives.  We employ a hands-on, problem solving approach.

Music    We have Music Assembly on Mondays and Fridays and on Tuesdays for our Earlybirds.   We have so much fun together!

Newsletter    Each teacher will send home a weekly and/or monthly newsletter explaining the events occurring in the classroom. This will keep you informed about what is happening in your child’s class.   In addition, a school wide upcoming events will be e-mailed to you every month.

Open House    Happy Hearts Preschool holds an Annual Open House every year.  This gives the parents an opportunity to see everything your child has been working on in the classroom, and what kinds of things they will be doing throughout the year. 

Parties    Happy Hearts has 6 celebrations throughout the year.  We ask that you and another parent host one party.  The party parents plan and orchestrate the entire  party, from snacks to activities.  If you need ideas or have questions, feel free to ask the teacher.  A sign up sheet will be in your child’s classroom at “meet the teacher day”.  The End of the Year Party may be held off campus all other parties must be on campus.  Parties are not to exceed 1 1/2 hours long.  Here is a list of the parties:

       -Fall Festival                        -Valentines Day

-Thanksgiving Feast               -Christmas   

                -Easter                            -End of the Year

Questions or Concerns    Please feel free to call the office or send an e-mail to the Director, Jessica Thompson at 352-622-7636 or

Registration  Registration for the following year takes place in February.  Physical and Immunization forms are required to attend Happy Hearts and must be turned in before school starts each year.  If your child has a Religious Exemption form instead of an Immunization Form, Happy Hearts must have a copy of that before the start of the school year.   Current Happy Hearts Families must be current on Tuition to Register for the following year.  A Non-Refundable Registration Fee is due at the time of Registration unless you are registering a VPK student.  

Restrooms    The children are taken to the restrooms daily.  Should they need to go other than the times that they go as a class, an adult will take them.  Our 2 year old students may attend in pull ups, but we do encourage working together as a team to help with potty training.  Our Hummingbirds, Greenbirds, Bluebirds and Redbirds must be potty trained without the use of a pull up.  If a child has three accidents in a short period of time, we ask that you keep them home and work on potty training.  Tuition will not be pro-rated while child is absent.

Room Mom    Each class will have a room mom.  The room mom helps coordinate special events and assists as a liaison between the teacher and other parents.  A sign up sheet will be available at the “Meet The Teacher Day” event.

Tornado Drill-  We will conduct a Tornado Drill during the year.  In the event of a Tornado Warning, we will move all children to the church basement where we know they will be safe and away from windows.  

Tuition - Tuition is due on the 10th of each month and considered late after the 15th. Payments made after the 15th are subject to a $15 late fee.  There are 10 total tuition payments due per year beginning in August.  If you are behind more than 30 days your child will not be able to attend Happy Hearts until your account is up to date during which time your child's spot at Happy Hearts can not be held.  

 Unique-  Happy Hearts is a unique preschool.  It was formed in 1946 as a non-denominational educational program.  We are proud of our rich tradition and the excellent reputation that follows our 70+ years of involvement in the community. 

    We highly encourage parents to volunteer and exhibit interest in their child’s school.  We realize many parents work or have other responsibilities.  We remind you however, there are ways to assist from your home.  We ask that you volunteer at least one day during the school year.  (All parents who will spend time on campus need to be background checked.)
VPK-  Florida was one of the first states in the country to offer Free prekindergarten for all 4-year-olds regardless of family income. Requirements are that children must live in Florida and be 4 years old on or before September 1 of the current school year to be eligible. A school-year program of VPK provides 540 hours of instruction with class sizes of no more than 20 children. Children must attend at least 80% of the school year. To enroll in VPK please visit the Early Learning Coalition of Marion County as well as filling out our Happy Hearts Registration Form.  There is No Registration Fee or any Required fees for children enrolled in VPK during the 540 hours of VPK instruction.  Any fees in addition to K4 are for programs not offered during VPK hours and are optional and not a requirement to attend Happy Hearts.   

XYZ    Take a deep breath and enjoy the year!  We are excited to have your child at Happy Hearts and look forward to an amazing year!


Complaint and Grievance Policy


Happy Hearts Kindergarten, Inc. will give prompt and careful attention to the needs and wishes of families.

Making concerns known

• A parent who is uneasy about any aspect of the preschool should first of all talk over any worries and anxieties with their child’s preschool teacher.

• If this does not result in a satisfactory outcome or if a problem recurs, the parent should put the concerns or complaint in writing and request a meeting with the preschool teacher and the Director.

We believe that most complaints are made constructively and can be resolved informally
at an early stage.  Furthermore we believe that it is in the best interests of the preschool
and parents that complaints should be taken seriously and dealt with fairly and
confidentially. Please see the stages below for a more detail.

If a parent ever has cause to believe that their child has been mistreated by a staff
member, they should inform the Director immediately


The Director of Happy Hearts Kindergarten Inc. is Jessica Thompson can be contacted at 352-622-7636, or in the Happy Hearts Office.  


If for any reason you feel that your concern is not being addressed properly by the Director, you have the right to make a written request to have a meeting with the Board of Directors.  


If after all attempts have been made and you feel your concern has not been addressed or properly handled you may then contact our Accreditating Agency and or State Agencies Below:


Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services

2255 Dunn Avenue Suite 201 Jacksonville, Florida 32218, United States

(904) 293 - 1357 - Main Office 

(904) 657 - 5892 - Church 

(904) 328 - 3770 - Fax - Email - Website


Early Learning Coalition of Marion County

2300 SW 17th Road, Ocala, FL 34471

Phone: 352-369-2315 | Fax: 352-369-2475