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Philosophy of Happy Hearts Preschool

Happy Hearts Preschool seeks to reach and minister to the children and families in our community by offering a high quality preschool program.  We strive to strengthen the lives of the preschool families by providing opportunities for involvement through family oriented, extra-curricular activities.

The foundation of Happy Hearts Preschool’s educational philosophy is the development of the whole child. The intellectual, social/emotional, physical and spiritual growths of the child are all of equal importance.

We provide developmentally appropriate preschool experiences designed to help each child develop:

*   Intellectually by encouraging an enthusiasm for learning through exploration and hands-on experiences.

*   Social and Emotional by encouraging participation in group activities, getting along with others and developing a feeling of security and belonging.

*   Physically by encouraging experiences that develop large and small muscle coordination and motor skills.

*   Spiritually by providing a chapel experience and by integrating a biblical worldview throughout the curriculum and learning environment. Christ-centered character qualities are modeled through the love of our staff and the responses given to the children in our care. Bible stories, songs, and prayer give children an awareness of God’s love for the

Each child is a unique gift from God and is encouraged to progress at his or her own rate. The loving caring Christian atmosphere provides a warm environment, allowing children to feel confident as they experiment, make mistakes and discover their abilities. The stimulating, child centered setting offers a safe and developmentally appropriate environment where children can learn self-discipline and the have the opportunity to make good choices.  Experienced and devoted teachers create challenging opportunities for children, inspiring them to do great things.